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Women of the World's Religions • Brecia Kralovic-Logan

October 17, 2023 Dale Allen Episode 24
The DALE ALLEN Podcast
Women of the World's Religions • Brecia Kralovic-Logan
Show Notes


Interview Series from the first-ever Women's Village 
at the Parliament of the World's Religions 
Short Interviews Served Up Weekly 

I was honored to be a part of a special project for the Parliament of the World’s Religions Women's Task Force: conducting interviews inside the first-ever Women's Village. The invitation put forth at the Interview Suite was: Let Your Voice be Heard! In total, I interviewed 71 women and I will share all of them. Each interview packs a powerful dose of inspiration in a few short minutes. 

I was truly fortunate to sit with women as they spoke so profoundly from their hearts about their love-in-action toward the Parliament's themes of: a call to conscience, the support of the human rights and dignity of women, and the care of the next generations of children (which, of course includes care of our earth). 

 Following the Introductory Montage, I am sharing Brecia Kralovic-Logan. A woven tapestry from her “Women’s Woven Voices” International Collaborative Art Project appears in the background of most the interviews.  Brecia explains this powerful project in her interview. 

This series of interviews gives me a sense of peace and reassurance. The women are activated, and their love cannot be stopped. And I believe that you will find, as I did, that listening to women speak from their fierce hearts, empowers us as women to find our own voices and to take action from our hearts as well. Find your place among these women… You can participate in Brecia’s Women’s Woven Voices project. 

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