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Karen Tate • Normalizing Abuse

September 26, 2023 Dale Allen Episode 22
The DALE ALLEN Podcast
Karen Tate • Normalizing Abuse
Show Notes

Dale Allen talks with Karen Tate and her latest book, "Normalizing Abuse - A Commentary on the Culture of Pervasive Abuse."

This book is for all of us as it helps us to recognize where we have come to accept levels of abuse that are not obvious, but deeply impactful.  Thought leader, speaker, seven-times published author, and activist, Karen's 30-years of work is at the crossroads of spirituality, personal transformation and social justice.  Karen is striving towards a world where abuse and exploitation are taboo.

Normalizing Abuse...

Do you make excuses and rationalize abuse because it is so familiar that you discount it as being normal?

Many of us may be enduring some kind of pervasive abuse or are witness to it and may not even be aware of it. We're being bombarded from so many directions that we may have become blind to it. The abuse almost feels normal. We might sense something's not right, yet the problem is not apparent. That could be because abuse and resulting trauma is not always blatant or obvious. It can be collective, insidious and pervasive. We may also be conditioned to it so deeply that it is no longer recognized as abuse by the victims, perpetrators and greater society.

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