The DALE ALLEN Podcast

Healing Ancestral Wounds & the Power of Sacred Circle

June 07, 2022 Dale Allen Episode 19
The DALE ALLEN Podcast
Healing Ancestral Wounds & the Power of Sacred Circle
Show Notes

What impact does women’s history have on you today – probably more impact than you realize.  

On International Women’s Day, an online film screening and panel event featuring Dale Allen, Marilyn Rosenbrock, Dr. Susan Smith, Caryn MacGrandle and Dionne Ruff-Sloan drew a large audience.  We explored two themes presented in Dale Allen’s film, “In Our Right Minds” - healing ancestral wounds and the importance of the community of women in sacred circle.  The film is a Finalist, Official Selection and Semi Finalist in 15 ongoing international film festivals.  

 In our event, after screening “In Our Right Minds,” we explored some of its themes, which are shared in this podcast.  Marilyn Rosenbrock Nyborg, author of "A Woman's Guide to Sacred Activism" presents her wisdom on the power of understanding HERstory as differs from HIStory as we claim our power today.  Dr. Susan Smith, guides us in healing ancestral wounds.  Caryn MacGrandle, Founder of the Divine Feminine App discusses the value of sacred circles, and how to host your own.   Dionne Ruff-Sloan brought her brilliance to us  by helping us move energy from ancestral wounding to the embodiment of the strength and freedom of the divine feminine using dance and movement. Dionne is a brilliant movement facilitator who takes us beyond the initial resistance we may feel and leads us toward open, flowing energy!   Because audio does not capture her dance facilittion well, I will produce a separate podcast to share beautiful Dionne in an interview.   Also, I will be sharing our video event on YouTube - stay tuned!

Watch “In Our Right Minds”  :

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“Dale has incredible energy, creativity and intuitive wisdom about our feminine side. Her performance, “In Our Right Minds,” is a historical, inspirational and informative piece that should be viewed by every woman (and their daughters) so that we know where we come from and where we have potential to go.” Barbara Scala, Esq. “Bloom” and “Bloom After Divorce”
Co-Author “Sanity Savers”

“Dale, you make a very alternative, yet so important topic, attractive to the mainstream public, which in my opinion is a fantastic achievement!” Erika Anuket, Slovenia

“I saw your presentation a year ago at the UN, and just about everything you talked about wove itself into my life throughout the past year.” Barbara Rivera, Founder – BirthPower and OMAEP ​​ ​​

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