The DALE ALLEN Podcast

On Creativity • Dale Allen and Leah Myers of the Green Tent Circle

April 22, 2022 Dale Allen Episode 15
The DALE ALLEN Podcast
On Creativity • Dale Allen and Leah Myers of the Green Tent Circle
Show Notes

Creativity is yours and the world needs your unique offerings of love!

Dale Allen and Leah Myers met in the Green Tent Circle, which is an open organization and resource for women to come into sacred circle with a devotion to each other and the Earth.
Many dynamic and talented women join the online circle, and many in-person circles meet around the globe.

This podcast episode is from an interview that Leah did with Dale, and focuses on creativity.  More Green Tent episodes will follow on The Core, highlighting the gifts, talents and offerings of the women. 

Leah's beautiful artwork appears in Dale's film, "In Our Right Minds - Guiding Women to the Strength as Leaaders, Leading Men to Strength Without Armor," currently honored with finalist and semi-finalist placements by 13 International Film Festivals in process for 2022.

Dale's Film:

Leah's Website:

Green Tent Circle:

Green Tent Circle came about when Angela Weber from Salvador, Brazil, and Ann Smith from Naples, Florida, came together with an email from Angela. They have been friends and colleagues since they were instrumental in holding the highly successful Anglican Encounter, Churches in Solidarity with Women. This first ever and only worldwide gathering by women about women’s issues for the Anglican Communion was held in Salvador, Brazil, in 1992. It was planned and carried out by representatives from Brazil, Latin America, Central America, Caribbean, Indigenous, United States and Canada. Women
​and men from around the world attended.

It also was revolutionary in that it truly represented grassroots women voices and stories, and a circle process with small groups where every voice was heard for reflection and sharing. 
"Green Tents are safe places for connection and repair, re-weaving the torn fabric of our lives
and the world back into wholeness."

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